Hestex 180

The unique Hestex 180° aluminium system allows corner angles from 10°-180°. This instantly gives room for more creative thinking and design capability when considering the benefits and features of your products. Hestex 180° is most ideal for the manufacturing of folding showcases and displays.

Due to the 10°-180° feature of the Hestex 180° aluminium system, transport costs worldwide can be reduced heavily. Besides the reduce of transport-costs the Hestex 180° aluminium system is also practical in quick assembly which reduces labour costs on location of exhibit.

With the Hestex 180° aluminium system you can, besides creating standard showcases and displays, create existing ones with many different shapes and sizes.

The Hestex 180° aluminium system is also available as “do-it-yourself” construction package, with or without glass, solid panels, lighting or socle. The three-piece Hestex 180° aluminium system is available in a wide range of RAL colours.

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Hestex & Sustainability

Sustainability and social responsibility is of paramount importance to us. We continuously think up innovations to our production processes and systems and develop and implement them so we can maximise the user-friendliness as well as sustainability of our products.

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