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Hestex Shell-schemes

Hestex is one of the market leaders for shell-scheme solutions in Europe. With a large stock of our in-house designed, produced and patented HS Quickbuild and XS-Wall system we’ve realized all types of exhibitions in Europe for decades. Exhibitions from 100 up to 35.000 m2 and all sizes in between. Our HS Quickbuildwall which was developed in 2007 and was a revolution in the industry as it goes for building speed, project overview and durability. It still is today.

With our systems and techniques we are able to realize build-up and dismantling off shell-schemes 50% quicker than the usual timeframe. Build-up and dismanteling is executed by a pre-defined plan and includes material, transport, crew and graphics. Besides speed and project overview, our systems are developed for long-time use and are therefore durable and environment friendly. We lower carbon footprint by reusing our systems over and over again, and leave zero waste on-site.

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Interested in one of

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