Our mission

Our vision is to develop aluminium systems and exhibitions as simply, cost-effectively and environmentally-friendly as possible. We achieve this trough state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing, handling and traceability of our products. Our products are characterised by extreme user-friendliness, compatibility with other exhibition systems and have competitive prices. Hestex Systems Group is fully SAP-automated which means all our products can be traced throughout the production process from start to finish. 

Transform work into passion

We perform every day again from the Dutch noun “betrokkenheid”. The literal translation is involvement but “betrokkenheid” means more: you put your mind and heart into an assignment, to an extent you transform work into passion. That’s also what us as a company distinguishes from our competitors. We not only build for today but also for tomorrow. All our products and solutions are constructed for long-time use with a minimum impact on the environment.

We make your exhibit a success! 

We therefore can presents ourselves as a company with a strong history and a modern view: we think of every detail what materials and (building) techniques need to be applied, considering in what way it could be used for other exhibitions with minimal adjustments. This efficiency pays also off for the customer in financial terms. 

On top of this we add a sauce of Dutch mentality of hard, accurate and straightforward working to it to make your exhibit a success!

Interested in one of

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