About us

Since the beginning of the eighties we design, produce and trade our own aluminium exhibition systems. We use them not only for our own projects but also sell them to 1.000 exhibition stand fitting and retail companies worldwide. Our clients are local enterprises ‘around the corner’ up to venues and the exhibitions giants in the industry. Our aluminium exhibition systems are characterized by extreme user-friendliness, are compatible with other 4/6/8/16 mm exhibition systems and have competitive prices.

Our roots

The Hestex Systems Group has developed from a local stand builder into a company which can handle large scale and complex projects. At the same time we have never forgotten our roots: We know what quality of service a customer wants and we don’t make a difference in service level whether they have a small or large project. 

Though to give you an impression on the scale we operate from today; our head-office in Apeldoorn is located on a premises of 10.000 m2 with 8.000 m2 of offices, production & maintenance facilities and warehousing. We execute exhibition projects from a 100 up to 35.000 m2 each, including organiser features, bespoke stand-packages, country- & theme pavilions and tailor made solutions.

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