Hestex 180°

The unique Hestex 180° aluminium system allows corner angles from 10°-180°. This instantly gives room for more creative thinking and design capability when considering the benefits and features of your products. Hestex 180° is most ideal for the manufacturing of folding showcases and displays. Due to the 10°-180° feature of the Hestex 180° aluminium system, transportcosts worldwide can be reduced heavilly. Besides the reduce of transport-costs the Hestex 180° aluminium system is also pratical in quick assembly wich reduces labour costs on location of exhibit. With the Hestex 180° aluminium system you can, besides creating standard showcases and diplays, create exhiting ones with many diffirent shapes and sizes. The Hestex 180° aluminium system is also available as "do-it-yourself" construction package, with or without glass, solid panels, lighting or socle. The three- piece Hestex 180° aluminium system is available in a wide range of RAL colours.



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