Special Solutions

  • Counters

    We developed a modular counter concept for the outpatients desks at the Gelre Hospital, the Netherlands, among others. The modular system makes it possible to create different lay-outs on different surface areas.

  • Exhibition showcases

    For events like Postex (a national fair for stamp collectors and traders) we developed special showcases that allowed the products to be well exhibited within a protected environment. In addition to manufacturing such showcases we also design, manufacture and sell items to various exhibition furniture rental companies.

  • Showcase systems for shops

    For a large number of German tool manufacturers we developed various showcase models with the Hestex 180 degrees profile system. These showcases were designed to match the TEGO and similar wall panel systems.

  • Lighting systems

    Next to the showcase system we also developed Hestex Highlight, a foldable lighting unit to match the TEGO and similar wall panel systems.

  • Temporary (sleeping) accommodation

    The Hestex HS whole wall panel system enables us to fit temporary (sleeping) accommodations for 250 to 1,500 units, e.g. in the sizes of 200x200cm or 200x300 cm. The accommodations can be fitted both in exhibition halls and tents.


Special Solutions


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