Hestex 40/40

Due to the the external diameter of the Hestex 40/40 support profile to 40mm provides better cross-frame mounting and increased stability. This also provides a completely different visual impression of the structure. No investment in different supports or special frames must be made, because the clamps built into the cross frames connect to the grooves in the inner core of the large format supports. This keeps the system dimensions consistent and existing frames, partition sheets, exhibition doors and almost all accessories available in the rental warehouse of the exhibition constructor can be further used. Another advantage for the user: The new Hestex- 40/40 support profiles are compatible with the standard Hestex Systems system material or comparable aluminium profile systems. This allows you to optically and functionally update your existing stocks of aluminium profiles with the Hestex-Plus support profiles. Hestex-Plus offers a range of fine solution designs for cladding and creating attractive optical effects.



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